PNG has lost an expert in health

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to convey my condolences to the family of Coleman Moni, who passed on recently.
I first met him at the Hohola Health office in 1992.
He was introducing students pursuing diploma in community medicine who were presenting their papers.
Mine was on infantile conjunctivitis, which Mr Moni found difficult in pronouncing.
He took me aside and told me: “Student, why can’t you find another term for this condition?”
Our friendship began from there and continued even when I moved to DWU to teach within the health management programme.
From 2004, he was my regular guest lecturer for the bachelor in health management programme, delivering lectures on health policies.
It was always refreshing to attend his lectures, admiring the knowledge he had on health issues despite not having any formal background in health.
He was a journalist and was scheduled to provide one such lecture in July.
PNG has lost someone who was skilled in the area of health policy development and implementation.
To the family of my late friend, may you find solace in the grace of God at this time of grief. We will miss him.


Mexy Kakazo