PNG has potential in rice farming

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 8th, 2013

 THIRTY-four new varieties of rice were introduced to Papua New Guinea by Trukai Industries last week at the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) annual show which the company says have the potential to be grown locally.

The introduction was part of the rice variety evaluation and introduction project undertaken by the company in partnership with the PNG University of Technology (Unitech), NARI and Rice Research Australia. 

The project’s objective is to improve and increase the amount of rice grown in PNG by introducing new varieties that are suited to local conditions.

“We are very pleased to be able to work directly with NARI and Unitech and to contribute resources from Rice Research Australia to this project, Trukai is committed to improving rice production in PNG and supporting development of the local industry,” Trukai chief executive officer Marc Denovan said

The new varieties have been introduced from some of the leading rice growing areas in Asia, Africa and Australia. The project also involves three graduate students from Unitech, who will  assess the suitability of each variety.

The students received scholarships from Trukai to help support them.