PNG helps rebuild King Solomon’s temple

National, Normal

A PNG delegation has made a contribution of about K40,000 (US$15,000) to the rebuilding of King Solomon’s temple in Israel.
Goroka MP Thompson Harokaqveh, who was accompanied by Pr Bezalel Tegi, was in Israel last month to attend the Feast of Tabernacle, a traditional Christian ceremony in Jerusalem.
Mr Harokaqveh made a contribution from his discretionary funds and the International Christian Embassy Church based at Hohola made another contribution of K26,500 for a total of  K40,000.
He said the money was made into bank draft that was presented to church officials spearheading the rebuilding of the Temple in Israel on Oct 8.
According to the Bible, King Solomon built the temple that was made of pure Gold.
This temple was destroyed and another temple was build by King Herod at around 607 BC which is referred to as the Temple of Babylon.
This temple was later destroyed by King Cyrus.
Mr Harokaqveh said PNG Constitution says that PNG is a Christian country and the people should turn to God for guidance.
He also called for the strengthening of bi-lateral relationship between PNG and Israel with the setting up of an embassy in Port Moresby.
He said PNG had a lot to learn from Israel, where a once deserted country was now a rich fertile land for agriculture.
Mr Harokaqveh made the announcements yesterday when he presented yet another K10,000 from his discretionary funds to assist the administration and outreach work of the International Christian Embassy church.