PNG, Indonesia can benefit from border trade, services: Envoy


PAPUA New Guinea and Indonesia can benefit much from each other through trade and other services at the border, Indonesian ambassador to PNG Adriana Supandy says.
He said the demand and potential for trade between the two countries were “very high”.
Trade volume between the two countries last year was about US$ 256 million (K871 million) which included trading at the border.
“We would like to have more trade activities between the two countries at the border area,” he said.
Supandy said he would be talking to West Sepik, East Sepik, Madang and Morobe governors about an arrangement to have their seaports open to receive goods and services straight from the seaports in Jayapura.
“There are a lot of products that we can deliver by sea,” he said.
“We would also like to have an arrangement for direct flights between the two countries.”
Supandy said Indonesian officials at the border were ready to provide the best services to enhance a stronger cooperation between the two countries.
“We have addressed demarcation issues.
“We are now focusing on the development of the border area and how to deal with culture, education, trade and investment between the two countries.”

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