PNG is heading off course

Letters, Normal

WHILE PNG celebrated its 34th Independence last Wednesday, I was at the mountains of Yandera in Bundi, Madang province.
It is a rugged place and like many places in the country, it has not seen any government service since 1975.
Many of my friends emailed me Independence Day’s messages and greetings.
However, I told them I did not see any point tin celebrating our Independence Day because nothing has been done to improve the lives of the ordinary citizens of PNG. 
Another six years from now, PNG will be celebrating 40 years of independence.
The question that I want to ask is when will the Government deliver basic services to the people of PNG?
Are the rural people going to die from curable diseases?
A youth from the Highlands, who is studying at Unitech, sent me an email complaining that nothing has been done to improve the people’s lives and living standards.
PNG is sliding backwards instead of moving forward.


Gonny Melafo
Yandera, Madang