PNG keen to open APEC door


THE country has been part of an extensive process of developing APEC policy priorities, APEC Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu says.
In addition, Pomaleu said it decided how best it could add value to an already vibrant body of work which APEC managed.
Addressing the Informal Sector Officials Meeting yesterday, he said PNG was looking forward to seeing what APEC had in store next year for the region.
“I’m also quite excited to see what the next year has in store for APEC as a region,” he said.
“With the shifting global dynamics, next generation issues and an ongoing challenges, it’s going to be quite interesting to see how these can be considered during a time that APEC looks to renew our vision for economic prosperity in the region.
“We have a work cut out for us as we consider and work through these issues in a deliberate and systematic approach.
“We will be able to articulate the new vision we seek by 2020 and to be practical, realistic and action-oriented.
“I’m optimistic that we can endorse the priorities so that we can start to engage in conversations and actions going forward.
“PNG is keen to carry forward as 2018 host of APEC bearing in mind are some of it our own activities.
“I would like to thank and acknowledge Vietnam for successfully hosting APEC 2017 and the great work undertaken in the past 12 months under the theme of creating a new dynamism fostering a shared future.”
As part of the informal sector activities, various small-to-medium enterprises were given the opportunity to display their products.
The Tourism Promotion Authority displayed some live exhibits of PNG culture including the Sepik carvers and basket weavers.
TPA’s Daphne Galore said APEC meetings were an opportunity to exhibit their projects and inform the many economies what PNG has on officer.