PNG limestone wasted

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 LIMESTONE from deposits around Papua New Guinea should be processed locally for use in mining operations.

This was the suggestion pushed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil in parliament yesterday.

“They should be processed and utilised here instead of importing them for use in local mining operations,” he said.

Basil said he was saddened to see truck loads of crushed limestone material from New Zealand and Australia being dumped into the mine camps.

He said: We have raw materials sitting here (in PNG), ready to be tapped, but we don’t take advantage of this business opportunity.

“For example, mining companies misuse a lot of lime in their operations. 

“In our province, we have big lime deposits. I know there’s a lot in Simbu and many more along Basamuk Bay and also in my district, which is only being used as additives for chicken feed.

“We also have other natural resources in the district that could be developed by the government so that the landowners and neighbouring villages or the affected communities could participate in the business activities to be generated.” 

Meanwhile, Basil raised the concern of the government to develop mining impacted areas before projects and investors were brought in. 

“Before any project is to be brought into a district, the government must look at preparing a district that would host this mining project.

“For example, in Wau, Morobe, mining has been in operating since 2009 but we have missed the opportunity of having the township in Wau, because the company’s excuse was that we do not have the basic infrastructure, such as water, sewage and law and order — we do not have them in place.

“I think it is best that the minister (mining) should make sure that a district going to play host to a mining company must have a township that has all the amenities needed by everybody – from the residents to mine workers and employees.”