PNG looking at cheaper internet


INTERNET is expected to be cheaper in Papua New Guinea once the Coral Sea cable is completed by the end of this year, says Deloitte Australia.
Peter Williams, of Deloitte Australia, told a Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry business breakfast yesterday that people should be prepared for the digital era.
The Coral Sea cable is running from Sydney to Port Moresby.
Williams said students and young people must be aggressively educated about software design, cyber security, monitoring and digital skills to prepare themselves for the digital era.
“The whole idea of this cable is to drastically reduce data cost,” he said.
“I think we will get there in between the wholesalers and the retailers, and the government.
“It is just going to take a bit of time to finalise and work out, but I think the main thing is that businesses, organisations, schools need to be prepared.
“We are going to move into this digital era.
It is coming really soon.
“How can we take advantage of this?
“Data will be cheaper, and we will also have more reliable connections that will allow us to access the software that the rest of the world has.
“The World Bank estimates that by 2040, PNG could increase its economy by US$5 billion, and create 300,000 jobs.
“I think it will be higher than that if you think about PNG and where it stands in its current use of the internet.
“PNG people are using internet to a level, but largely, on the ground they are using Facebook.”
Williams said it was time for younger people to start thinking digitally.
“Younger people are being brought up in the mobile social world and young people know more about technology,” he said.
“The digital era is about executing because there is so much to offer out there that is free.
“It is cloud-based. Gmail is an example; it is cloud, it is free.
“Take advantage of the digital era and the (Coral Sea) cable.
“Understand what is coming.
“Start applying a digital lance.
“It is about getting technology up and running and solving problems you have in this country.”

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