PNG made to look like a puppet

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill was foolish when he made the decision to sign the agreement with the Australian government to allow the resettlement of asylum seekers (July 22) in Papua New Guinea. 

The agreement that he signed with Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is a let down for many Papua New Guineans.

He even stated in the media and I quote: "PNG is a very big island with a small number of people living on it and we can accommodate the asylum seekers and refugees". 

What on earth was he thinking? 

Does he not know that this is our land? 

We are not settlers.

We are not like Australia, Indonesia or other foreign countries who have gone in and occupied other lands. 

I am a proud Papua New Guinean and my land is not for sale or will not be given up easily for free to asylum seekers, refugees and settlers. 

O’Neill made PNG look inferior when he heeded the instructions of the Australian Government and signed the agreement. 

To me, it looks like our government is a puppet acting on the self interests of the Australian government.


Kaun Weki, Via email