PNG ministry incorporated in Brisbane


IT WAS an historical moment for Life in the Spirit Ministries members when its delegation returned to the shores of PNG with the church’s certificate of incorporation on June 16.
The Jacksons International airport VIP arrival decorated in blue and white, and red, black, white and gold, came alive as 500-plus church members received international overseer Pastor David Dii, national overseer Tabitha Dii and the delegation that returned from Australia with the certificate.
It was a certificate of approval for the ministry to establish its branch in Brisbane, Australia.
It was an emotional and joyful moment for the church in PNG, who never thought the locally-birthed ministry would establish an international branch, so soon.
Founder, Pastor Dii from Tangaimada village in Tsak Valley of Enga, started the ministry in 1995 in Goroka, Eastern Highlands. It was incorporated in PNG in 2006 and after 22 years of operating in PNG, it was then incorporated on Feb 16 and launched on June 12 in Australia.
Dii said having the ministry incorporated in Australia proved that the ministry was ready to fly its flag in other countries.
“Other churches have headquarters overseas, but this church will do PNG proud as it is a locally-grown church,” he said.
“Japan is identified by the products it produces and markets internationally, New Zealand is identified by the products it produces, so PNG will be identified by the product it produces, through Life in the Spirit Ministries.”
However, establishing the ministry wasn’t an easy task for Dii, who was called to lay the foundation of the ministry through an apostolic anointing. And laying down the foundation required a total denial of his life.
Dii said: “I was tasked to lay the proper, correct and the right foundations for this ministry. It was a task of a lifetime. A house is as good as its foundation, a tree is as good as its roots. And so, the foundation of the ministry was laid very carefully making sure that no other foundation was laid other than the Lord Jesus Christ, his word and the Spirit-filled life.”
The ministry has grown from one man who loved God, hated sin, loved righteousness and wanted to please God with all his heart. The call of this one man has now become the call of a nation which has raised up a team of people who hate sin and love righteousness. The ministry congregation in Port Moresby has grown from 200 to 3000-plus.
Dii said Life in the Spirit Ministries existed to liberate man from sin and make man live a life free of sin.
“The call of this ministry is to restore what has been lost in the Garden of Eden to its full stature,” he said.
The ministry believes that when man sinned by eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, he was cast out of the garden and made to live outside of God’s presence and glory.
But God created man without sin. When man lived in the garden he was holy, righteous and crowed with God’s glory.
Dii said the ministry wanted to restore that life of man and God walking together and has decided to produce holiness, righteousness, purity, a spirit-filled life, a kingdom life, Christ-like life and living powerfully in the spirit and presenting to God a complete man.
He said through its call the ministry has brought families, drunkards, thieves and robbers back to life.
“The ministry is doing all it can to make this nation a better nation and give to mothers their right husbands, to children their right fathers and to husbands the right wives. So that what God originally planned for families should now be seen walking in PNG and there is a new PNG.”

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