PNG most corrupt in Pacific a big shame

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

OUT of 182 countries in the world surveyed by corruption watchdog organisation, Transparency International, PNG is ranked at 154th and, regionally, it is ranked the most corrupt in the Pacific.
TI has measured how our government and its agencies fared and it has found that corruption has eaten into the fabric of our societies.
As a result, Papua New Guineans who are living in rural areas have not re­ceived services as funds meant to improve their lives had been diverted.
Successive governments had come up multi-million or multi-billion kina budget but there is nothing to see.
I agree with TI’s Corruption Perception Index. 
Money earmarked for the people has consistently been diverted or worse, not used at all.
As a result, the bulk of the people in the rural areas have not benefited from the country’s wealth.
The people who are supposed to deliver services must take ownership to work honestly.
Otherwise, our CPI will remain low.

Danny Gaun