PNG needs a leader like Mandela

Letters, Normal

Leaders come in all shapes and designs.
Some are charismatic, self-effacing, authoritarian, visionary, inspirational or resilient.
A leader I have always admired is none other than Nelson Mandela.
He gave his entire life to lead his country to democracy and freedom.
He is highly respected all over the world because of his commitment, decency, love and passion for the people whom he represented.
Despite trial and tribulation, famine and hunger, death and sorrow, he stood for and with the people who gave him the mandate.
He was not interested in self-interest, self-indulgence and abuse of power.
Can any of our leaders emulate Mr Mandela?
Definitely not the present bunch of so-called politicians we have now.
They are not focused and transparent.
The people of Papua New Guinea need someone who can stand up and say “I will serve my people and country” and live up to that promise.
We do not need rhetoric or political gimmick and must do away with the wantok system, which is self-serving.


Ronny Knox Angu