PNG needs clear policy direction


PAPUA New Guinea needs a clear policy direction for the overall development of resource projects in the country, Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta says.
Haiveta, who is a former deputy prime minister and held ministries of finance and foreign affairs, said the country needed to focus on policies.
“We need a better structure around our health policies and funding, clear planning for improving our education system and a major correction in our law and order strategies,” he said.
“We need easy to understand financial and economic plans for our SMEs (small and medium enterprises).
“We need a transparent policy on international investment strategies to bring a greater number of genuine investors into the sectors we require to create more jobs and develop skills, strengthen our national planning framework, and build sectors like our agriculture industries into true export potential.
“We need to focus on innovation and changing how we behave as a country,” he said.
“Our people are suffering, projects have stopped and we cannot pass the blame on the Covid-19.”
Haiveta said the Government was making poor decisions based on mixed directions, signals and plans by Prime Minister James Marape.
“Our Prime Minister Marape had a vision for PNG, but that’s where it appears to end.
“There seems to be no direction and ownership at the bureaucratic level.
“We have growing challenges in our mining and petroleum sectors and a retracting commercial sector with continued decline in foreign exchange.”

One thought on “PNG needs clear policy direction

  • The Governor’s comments are uncalled for at this time of reformation. You were once a Minister and D/PM but never consider the kind of reform this current government is initiating. Therefore, I urge you to stop negative comments and support the government for wind of change for betterment of people of PNG towards economic independence is given birth by this very government.

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