PNG needs good leaders

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

PNG has been rated as the most corrupt country in the Pacific.
It is ranked 154 out of 182 countries, putting us in the bottom quarter of the most corrupt.
It is alarming but not surprising as we can see it with our own eyes.
Compare with other countries, I doubt you will any country so blessed like ours.
PNG is so beautiful, a real paradise with virgin forests, waterfalls, eye-catching landscapes, breathtaking sceneries in­cluding unique and rare flora and fauna.
What’s more, PNG produces some of the world’s best coffee, cocoa, copra, etc.
Above all, PNG is said to be floating on oil and gas and has one of the best gold deposits in the world.
So what is the problem?
Where did all our money go to?
By right, our children should be enjoying free education from elementary to tertiary levels.
By right, we should not have to seek medical treatment overseas.
By right, accommodation should not be a pro­blem and settlements should have been consigned to the history books.
We should have sealed roads nationwide and all deteriorating infrastructure torn down and re­placed with modern ones.
Unfortunately, it is the complete opposite.
This is the result of us picking the wrong leaders.
People who give cash handouts will only drive the country to ruin if we give them our mandate.
We have too many leaders who are greedy and blinded by power.
It is time to screen candidates wisely.
Genuine leadership cannot be bought or sold.
It is time for a change.
PNG needs good lea­ders more than money.

Charles B. Hahen
Sirunki, Enga