PNG needs more gentlemen


PAPUA New Guinea is slowly losing its few gentlemen who do not stand on the streets and harass woman. You will hardly see a woman walking alone freely without being called names and threatened.
Our gentlemen who believe in dressing up well and grooming themselves are slowly dying away.
We are left with a majority of males who do not know how to talk properly to women.
We are left with immature males who just know how to make themselves look and feel good without properly caring for women. Let’s try following what our fathers did back then.
Let’s get our acts right and teach our sons the right ways.

Port Moresby


  • Thank you. That’s the way forward for those males with animal instincts who only see females as sex objects and without dignity.

  • Thank you Namakam for this message. Socially an important part of being a Male is to respect and care about our women folks and NOT to behave otherwise.

    I am writing a book-something little bit related to this but more on building relationships, titled:
    “”Boy/Girl Relation in Melanesian Context”!!!!

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