PNG needs more people like Hosea

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The National,Wednesday 17th April, 2013

 I AM a second year student at PNG University of Technology and I have reason to believe the current SRC president, Livingstone Hosea, is a dy­namic leader.

In what could have escalated into a fierce ethnic clash between two groups, it was resolved in a peaceful and professional manner, thanks to the SRC president.

Hosea has been stopping clashes from brewing and getting out of hand even before he became SRC president.

The biggest challenge was during the boycott where he managed to contr­ol the students and prevent violence from arising.

Unitech is known for 

its violence and Hosea 

has shown that he is the right man for the job.

I am not praising him because he is a Sepik wanto­k or because he is a fellow Seventh-Day Ad­ventist but because he is 

a leader.

PNG needs leaders like Hosea who can differen­tiate between right and wrong.


Timothy Nigaul