PNG needs ‘real development’


DEVELOPMENT is measured by social and economic indicators
Some people are saying that they are seeing development for the first time in the political history of this country under the current government.
I really want to support Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government but first, I want to be convinced with enough reasons why should I support.
We can’t use the term development loosely for the sake of argument.
Development is statically measured and demonstrate by social and economic indicators to show the progress of the country from one economic stage to the next, reflecting in the  improvement in the living standards and quality of life of the people.
So for us to talk about development, we must conveniently demonstrate by providing solid statistical evidence and data on how the O’Neill Government has achieved or improved key development indicators during his term.
Are there statistical data to demonstrate the improvement in the following listed development indicators to show the Government’s performance over the last five years:

  • Human Development Index;
  • household income level;
  • incidence of poverty;
  • GDP per capita;
  • law and order problems;
  • jobs creation;
  • corruption index;
  • access to electricity;
  • access to clean water;
  • real GDP growth rate;
  • per capita income;
  • life expectancy;
  • monthly household income;
  • home ownership; and,
  • Adult illiteracy rate?

The current Government cannot claim that they have changed PNG without demonstrating their claim in terms of notable improvement in the social and economic indicators.
Development is not a measure of the number of substandard and poor quality infrastructures one built at inflated prices around the places to justify the number of loans obtained or the very high cost of building them or running this country on a deficit budget with a large and soaring national debt.
Infrastructure development must be translated into economic growth, directly resulting in transforming and improving the quality of life and living standards of all Papua New Guineans.
Development should be people focused, placing the wellbeing of the people at the centre of all development efforts to improve their living standards and quality of life by giving people equal opportunities to take part in the economic growth and prosperity of the country.
It seems the development we talk about in this country robs the poor and only enrich the political class, their cronies and close foreign associates.
This is the kind of development that channels development funds into the pockets of politicians to dictate the development of the country out of their pockets.

Lucas Kiap, Via email

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