PNG needs to build modern stadiums

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

IN view of the 2015 Paci­fic Games, PNG needs stadiums that can attract not only large crowds but also ensure their safety.
These stadiums should have more than 10 gates, each with up to 10 rows of at least 200 numbered seats to ensure smooth human traffic flow in and out of the stadiums.
This will ensure fans know which gate to enter and where to sit.
Tickets must be sold based on seats availability thus providing an enjoyable and relaxing expe­rience.
Many of our current rugby league stadiums have only one gate and
no row or seat numbers.
Fans just pay en­trance fee and rush to occupy the best seats and often people end up arguing over them.
Watching sports in a re­laxing and civilised man­ner is not possible as most of the time, you keep pushing or moving in order to get a better view until you get exhausted and walk out.
Let us get our stadiums built to reflect the 21st century that allows easy human traffic flow and ensure maximum comfort for all spectators.
Look at the stadiums such as ANZ or Suncorp in Australia that have pro­per seating arrangements, all seats are numbered, multiple exits with comfort and safety in mind
for everyone.

Jennifer Manevi
Port Moresby