PNG not ready for LNG wealth

Letters, Normal

MANY of us are excited about the LNG project.
The main reason for such excitement is the potential to make more money and a dream of a better lifestyle and standard of living.
But I am terrified of what the LNG project.
We, Papuan New Guineans (and that include politicians, leaders, landowners, the savvy, the students and the grassroots) unfortunately do not know how to handle money and wealth.
The current standard of stewardship of such a tool is a little over zero.
With the various projects we currently have that boasts billions in income, we see very little development and end result.
Our urban roads are littered with potholes and rural roads are no better than pig tracks, our schools lack proper facilities and equipment, hospitals (even in the urban areas) have no medicine, doctors, nurses, equipment and the list goes on.
Too much money in the hands of immature people is dangerous.
Look at my home province during the vanilla boom.
Everyone was walking around literally with backpacks full of money.
Yet today, there is not much to show for it.
There is no development or improvement in lifestyle and standard of living.
It is said the world runs on money. But the opposite is happening here. Our resource-rich areas have nothing to show.
We need a complete change of mindset and attitude before we can handle such a mammoth project like the PNG LNG.
I think we need another generation before we are ready for such wealth.


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