PNG oil palm industry ‘sustainable’

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THE Papua New Guinea Palm Oil Producers Association (PNGPOPA) has maintained the industry is committed to sustainable oil palm production.
Reacting to recent attacks from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and negative media reports, PNGPOAP said the oil palm industry (OPI) remained committed to ensuring the development of oil palm in the country was carried out “in a sustainable manner”.
“In recent times, NGO environment groups and individuals protested the manner in which the oil palm industry has been operating in PNG and the level of destruction it has caused to the environment and the people,” PNGOAP said in a statement.
“Recent reports included the one on, a conservation website, and a 12-minute documentary by a European freelancer attacking Higaturu’s operation in Popondeta.”
The documentary was aired on Kundu 2 last month.
The statement said the OPI in PNG “acknowledges and welcomes concerns or criticisms that are continually raised against the manner in which it operates”.
It said it had always maintained an open door policy and welcomed any form of feedback pertaining to any aspects of its operation in the country.
However, PNGOAP said the industry has noted that most often, these attacks on the industry carried little or no specifics.