PNG picks Comsoft for AMHS

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013


PAPUA New Guinea Air Services Ltd (PNGASL) has contracted Comsoft for the supply of an aeronautical message handling system (AMHS) solution with their market-leading brand AIDA-NG.

With the deployment of the system PNG Air Services will join neighbouring countries such as Australia, Fiji and New Zealand, who already operate Comfort’s AMHS solution, and increase the Pacific region’s potential to establish further AMHS connections and benefit from the advanced communication technology.

Papua New Guinea, in the Pacific Ocean, is the third largest island country in the world and relies heavily on air travel due to difficult terrain and a lack of road links.

The primary business of PNG Air Services Ltd is to provide Air Navigation Services to domestic and international airline operators who use the PNG air space. 

Subsequent to this they also provide AIM services, communication services and search and rescue coordination, as well as services to remote parts of the country through an extensive communications network.

PNG’s capital city, Port Moresby, will not only act as an aeronautical message hub for airports in the country but also internationally to Brisbane. 

In addition, the project includes countrywide distribution of CADAS data terminals deployed to airports Madang, Mount Hagen, Goroka, Nazdab and Tokua, giving operators direct access to aeronautical information such as flight plans, NOTAMs, and weather information.

PNGASL director and chief executive officer Capt Ted Pakii said: “At PNG Air Services we strive for continuous improvement. Our goal is to improve and expand air navigation services so that it is safe, reliable and dependable, as well as affordable and accessible to all. 

“Air travel is essential in Papua New Guinea as mountainous terrain limits road travel. Safety is our primary focus and with the deployment of Comsoft’s AMHS solution we hope to further enhance aviation safety in the region. 

“Our goal is to create a seamless airspace with fully integrated and reliable air traffic services now, and for the future.”

Comsoft’s AIDA-NG product is the only AMHS/AFTN implementation on the market that provides fully integrated and uniform message handling facilities. Its ability to also transmit XML-based formats will play a significant role in future air traffic management.

Both the mature solutions of Comsoft and the straightforward deployment imposed by the proven CADAS client-server technology will allow this project to be executed in an tight schedule. – CAAs/ANSPs

Papua New Guinea Air Services Ltd (PNGASL) is an independent, self-funding State Aviation Enterprise. The country’s population of just over six million people relies heavily on air transport for economic, social, commerce and health services.