PNG players still missing out


Why aren’t many PNG rugby league players being recruited by NRL clubs just like other Pacific island nations of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand? Because our players do not have the weight and height advantage.
NRL club management considers factors as weight and height among other things.
They consider players with weight to create havoc or make inroads into opposition territory for yards gain, try assist or for easy try. They consider for easy fend off tactic.
Fijians, Tongans, Samoans and Maoris have the physique height and weight is what NRL clubs much interested in.
The bottom line is, we were created by the Creator to be in this size for as long as we live so we can’t do much to rectify something that nature had put in place.

Paul Minga
Tok aut stret

One thought on “PNG players still missing out

  • I would like to provide a response to ‘Paul Minga, Tok aut stret’ on his letter “PNG players still missing out” published April 5.
    I know I have written back on a similar kind of letter previously. And my answer here is the same I gave back then.
    My friend, it does not matter what size trousers you fit into. It does not matter where you come from. It also does not matter whether you are the most talented there is. In NRL it boils down one key. It is ATTITUDE.
    That is the one key many of PNG’s aspiring young players lack. Attitude to the sport or attitude to life in general.
    So where do the NRL club scouts go? Yes you guessed it. They look for talent where there is plenty of attitude, the other Pacific Islander aspirants.
    My advise: Continue playing the game. Continue to improve your skills but stop watching NRL games on TV and spend that time researching what our very own Marcus Bai was doing off-field, attitude wise.
    You will not be disappointed with what you find.

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