PNG politics lack philosophical brilliance

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 21st September 2012

THE rate, quality and magnitude of human development experienced
in PNG since independence shows
the country has a very poor political history in terms of philosophical brilliance.
Looking back, we have very little
to be proud of because our poli­-ticians have failed to provide the neces­sary philosophical drive.
It has brought upon the country irreparable damage, consequently producing a system of governance that is unable to provide the best for its citizens.
The people have become a victim of gross political stupidity.
It is a pity the bureaucracy is structurally defective due to incompetence.
Our parliament has had hundreds of members going in and coming out in the past 30 years with zero substance to provide the type of leadership that can liberate this country.
To make it worse, every election since 1982 has seen an exponential rise in candidates who totally lack intellectual and philosophical attri­butes that is necessary for a developing country.
PNG is a country that is now sitting on a time bomb as a result of poor selection of our parliamentary representatives.
Political parties have been endorsing candidates with no proper educational qualifications.
We have also seen past prime mi­nisters appointing ministers with ab­solutely no intellectual substance.
Obviously such poor decisions have resulted in political cronies being appointed to occupy critical ministerial portfolios and serve as chairmen, directors, secretaries and CEOs of government departments.
Ordinary people have become stupid­, the system is polluted with dead wood and the politicians lack philosophical wisdom.
The government must find a way to clean both the political and bu­reaucratic system to be competitive and restructure the education system.
There should be no excuses because PNG needs an intelligent population to drive the nation forward.

Samson Wena