PNG Ports’ zero tolerance

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THE PNG Ports Corporation has put its foot down and will have “zero tolerance” on staff and clients who engage in shady practices to fast track port services and procedures, such as the illegal soliciting of funds. 
“We have taken the steps to advertise, and ensure community awareness that we have a zero tolerance to corruption,” PNG Ports Corp boss Brian Riches, said.
PNG Ports in recent weeks has taken out advertisements in the daily papers warning clients and port staff that the illegal soliciting of funds to facilitate cargo clearance is illegal.
Mr Riches said the firm had policies and procedures in place to guide and monitor best practices. 
The implication if the warning is breached is that the employee of PNG Ports will be dealt with under the corporation’s disciplinary guidelines.
This ranges from verbal reprimands to termination of employment.
“All staff has been made fully aware of what behaviour is acceptable and what is not tolerated,” he said. 
For the client, Mr Riches said soliciting of funds to acquire favours boiled down to corruption.
“Such practices obviously coincide with corruption, as such any activity that threatens processes and controls of the company and the laws of the country will be brought to law authority to be dealt with as appropriate,” he warned.
The firm stand by PNG Ports was initiated as there were prior cases that such incidents had surfaced.
It is understood that most of the cases prior have been dealt with fully, including termination of employment and criminal charges laid.
He said such practices had been a talk of fact and fiction and the port service provider would remain steadfast in its resolve to curb the increase of illegal soliciting of funds.
Mr Riches said the main concern was that such illegal practices involved secretive talks between those people involved.
He is optimistic that prevailing awareness will stem this unhealthy practice.