PNG Ports takes on PV training

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A PERSONAL viability training for officers from the PNG Ports Corporation in Lae has been hailed by the participants as a “real eye-opener”.
It had the made the 24 officers realise their potential to “convert themselves from human resources to human assets”.
“That is the aim of the PV,” co-ordinator Paul Wiau, of Entrepreneurial Training Development Training Centre of the Department of Trade and Industry said.
“To achieve employer aims and goals, employee performance is critical because personal traits, attitudes and character determines outcome of the work being done.”
PNG Ports staff from the New Guinea Islands and Lae took part in the training with five self-sponsored participants.
“The training teaches people to recognise and value their inner capacity that can be utilised and managed accordingly to achieve desired goals if these goals are properly planned,” Wiau said.
Four of the participants said the training had revealed to them their innate ability which they would utilise for personal aims as well.
“Most people do not realise their purpose and ability and focus on unproductive activities and waste time,” PNG Ports officer Mathias Geoctau said.
He said the PV training had laid the foundation in each employee’s mind to perform effectively.