PNG Power boss to start this month

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NEWLY-appointed PNG Power managing director Flagon Bekker’s work permit has been approved but he is yet to arrive in the country to assume his role, an official says.
Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (DLIR) secretary Ravu Vagi told The National that Bekker’s work permit was approved three weeks ago.
Vagi was responding to questions raised about Bekker not being in the country due to work permit issues.
He confirmed that the work permit was approved by the Labour Department and was picked up three weeks ago.
PPL board chairman Peter Nupiri said Bekker would assume office this month once the process for his engagement was completed.
Nupiri said proper processes were followed in Bekker’s appointment through a comprehensive recruitment process facilitated by the Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) and a credible recruitment firm.
According to sources within PNG Power, Bekker has been in frequent telephone contact with the PPL management giving out operations working orders to the management and employees.
Acting chief executive officer Douglas Mageo in response to questions on Bekker’s arrival in the country said the appointment was approved by National Executive Council (NEC) and gazetted with arrangements in compliance with regulatory requirements.
“Any matters relating to the managing director requiring media coverage, statements will be issued and our media stakeholders will be advised as and when required,” Mageo said.
Questions were sent to State Enterprises Minister Sansindran Muthuvel and Nupiri on when Bekker would be expected to arrive in the country.


  • It seem like there is no PNG national were qualify to occupy that top post so we must recruit someone from other country to occupy….a very sad hear this..

  • Take back PNG means not stealing and practicing corruption in the system where its headed by PNGeans.
    Help save and rescue PNG together from the corruption cage.

  • Making Generalising of our citizens working in energy sector corrupt is the easiest, shallow and naive way to debate national power issues. Ministers after ministers, PMs after PMs, CEOs after CEOs they failed, failed miserably to address the power issues and problems decades in decades out, so what guarantee is that this person with colorful qualifications will solve all issues and deliver electricity to 80% to 90% of our people.

  • I believe there are very capable and qualified Papua New Guineans within the Energy Sector and outside in the country that can take on this role. If a national is put into this roles, issues of character, political alliances, corruption, qualification, tribal lineage, wantokism and the list goes on comes into play. If a foreigner is put into play, the issue of huge perks/privileges, friction with national workers and etc..
    So the question is PNG, what do we want? do we want a well developed energy industry and lasting development or do we want short term gains, corruption, underdevelopment and frequent BLACKOUTS after 45 years of Independence. The way i see it, we the citizens of PNG are our own worse enemies.
    I don’t care if a foreigner or national takes the job, the CEO biggest challenge will be getting the full support of the PNG Power workers. They themselves have their own allegiance and such is the case in all public office in PNG.

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