PNG Power issues raised


We have been talking to PNG Power for two years about two issues.
One involves a power post at 14-Mile, in Central. The post is leaning badly and about to fall down.
The second issue is about a fault with the three-phase system which has rendered our three-phase equipment useless, at least until the fault is fixed.
We have contacted PNG Power many times by telephone (on the fault reporting service) and we have even gone to their service centre, but nothing has been done.
A new pole was delivered in January and then forgotten about.
Overnight a power cable from the pole to a house snapped because of the strain caused by the leaning post.
The fault with the three-phase system was reported last year but nothing has been done.
How can we operate when our important equipment lies idle?
The lack of action reflects poorly on PNG Power and its managers. It is frustrating.
Do we need to pay someone under the table to get things done?

14-Mile, Central

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