PNG Power meeting demands

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 DESPITE being understaffed and working under pressure to power huge projects PNG Power in Daru, Western, is meeting the demands of its consumers.

PNG Power has stepped to meet the power supply demands of consumers in Daru.  

In an interview, PNG Power asset manager Lucas Kawo said he had been posted to Daru power station for 11 months now and had seen a need for more workers to help meet the demands of the people in the 


“One of our challenges is we are understaffed due to lack of housing,” Kawo said.

“But now there is renovation going to improve the houses for the staff.

There are plans to bring in two more generators to boost the energy supply.

But, he said with the existing five generators they were able to meet the demands of the community in Daru with 660 kilowatts of power. 

“We are meeting Daru’s demand of 660 kilowatts. Hopefully with the addition of the two generators we can supply power to the local communities outside Daru”  Kawo said.

He thanked the people for supporting PNG Power and urged them to adhere to safety rules and regulations for their own safety.