PNG Power staff morale low after bad press

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The National, Friday November 1st, 2013

 THE morale among PNG Power Ltd employees “is not healthy” because of the constant globe trotting by the company’s top brass, PNG Energy Workers Union president Eddie Gisa says.

He was responding yesterday to the trips by the company’s board and management to Israel, Iceland and to watch the rugby league World Cup in England.

A PNG Power entourage followed Prime Minister O’Neill to Israel recently despite not being part of the official delegation. 

It then went on to Iceland to sign an agreement on geothermal power with State Enterprises Minister Ben Micah. It then went to England to watch the Kumuls in the World Cup.

“The situation at this point in time is not good,” Gisa said.

“The response is negative. It’s not healthy for the workers and the public. 

“The workers are not happy with both the Government and the management.”

Gisa said workers could have staged a stop-work earlier this week but “we told them not to do that”.

“We will officially release all the information later,” he said.

“This information is very sensitive.”