PNG remains strong: O’Neill


FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says the country has faced many challenges over the years but has rightfully taken its place in today’s global community.
As the nation prepares to celebrate its 46th independence anniversary tomorrow, the Ialibu-Pangia MP said: “Our country has gone through many growing pains over the years but we remain strong, vibrant and a proud independent democratic nation.”
He thanked the founding fathers and mothers “whose wisdom and leadership guided our young country into nationhood beginning on Sept 16, 1975”.
“Unlike many around the world, where social and political upheavals have destabilised their countries, Papua New Guinea has been able to smoothly overcome those challenges in a peaceful manner, thus ensuring a strong and stable country for our children and their children into the future,” he said.
“As we reflect on the achievements and failures of our country, we must also focus on our future.
“We will be going to the elections in 2022. We need to ensure that the peace, stability and the democracy we have enjoyed in our country is maintained.”

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