PNG rugby under scrutiny

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THE PNG Rugby Football Union went under review last week by the Federation of Oceania Rugby Union (FORU).
The week-long visit by FORU general manager William Glenwright and rugby services manager Bruce Cook gave the duo the chance to see the direction in which PNGRFU was taking the code in the country.
During the review, Glenwright and Cook sat down with PNGRFU staff and management to gauge an understanding from the governance of the code to its development on the playing fields.
It was also an opportunity for the two to get an insight of PNGRFU’s plans to grow rugby union, analyse and add their own input and take back to see where they can help from FORU’s point of view.
At the farewell gathering last Thursday, PNGRFU president Richard Sapias thanked the duo for their visit, adding that there were many more to come as PNGFRU took steps to becoming professional administrators for the code.
Sapias also extended his gratitude to sponsors, saying that PNGRFU had not gone all out on sponsorships due to the need to establish itself in its administration.
“We do not want to stretch our hand too far until we have done our proper assessment and established administration.”
Glenwright congratulated Sapias and PNGRFU on the union’s progress so far, adding that it could only get better.
“Our visit has enabled us to review the union and better understand not just the structure, but of work on a daily basis and the development of the game.”
He noted the passion of which PNGRFU went about in its plans and commended the office.
He said the past 18 months had been a huge test for the union, with the international calendar for the U19s, U20s and the Sevens and that the next 12 months would also be crucial for the kind of assistance the union would receive.
“It is a very exciting time for the game, with the inception into Olympics, and, far greater opportunities will present themselves.”