PNG seeks treaty with Indons

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The National, Wednesday 1st May 2013

 ATTORNEY-General and Justice Minister Kerenga Kua has told Indonesia that an extradition treaty should be ready for signing next month.

He was speaking at the opening of a three-day technical officials meeting between PNG and Indonesia in Port Moresby.

“At the political level, I assure you that our view is there to get this done. The earlier we do it the better because your President has graciously invited our Prime Minister to visit Indonesia this year.

“We are hoping that our Prime Minister and your President can sign the extradition treaty so that we can provide the bedrock and the platform for our two countries to now develop other relationships,” Kua said.

Kua said the extradition treaty between PNG and Indonesia which had not been addressed for a long time should be sorted out.

“We don’t have the arrangement in place to regulate, monitor and to deal with certain people and so we are caught out.” 

“But I think we should  take control of what happens within our borders.

“And if it extends beyond, then we should have an arrangement to be able to call upon to bring those people to account,” Kua said.