PNG should not be treated like a guinea pig

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 24th November 2011

THE main mining activity that destroys the natural environment and ecology is the disposal of mine wastes into the sea by Lihir gold mine and the proposed offshore tailings disposal by Ramu nickel.
The other is the undersea mining by Nautilus in the Bismarck Sea. 
As stated in The National on Tuesday, it is not sure whether this mining technique will have adverse effect on the marine ecology.
This means Nautilus is using Papua New Guinea as a guinea pig.
If this technique (in terms of environment and ecology destruction) works, then it will be used in other countries where there are sea bed mineral deposits.
I wonder why the government is turning a blind eye on this issue and allowing PNG to be a testing ground.
The people from these affected mining areas should not only talk but act to protect the environment for future generations.
They must look at the benefits and whether they will last for more than 10 generations.

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