PNG still in the same whirlpool

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

I DO not understand or see the logic in PNG politics.
Who is telling us the truth?
Initially, I supported change of government.
But four months on, it seems we are still in the same whirlpool.
When Peter O’Neill was elected as prime minister, it offered us new hope and expectations.
Every time the prime minister went overseas, his deputy Belden Namah would make hasty decisions which would later be reversed by O’Neill.
This gave the perception that the government was operating on a trial-and-error basis which is ridiculous.
Papua New Guineans are getting and enjoying all the lollies so much so they have lost track of what is really happening.
The Falcon jet was supposed to be put up for sale but is now being treated like a toy of the deputy prime minister.
Free education policy has now been called “tuition-free education”.
I want to warn parents not be fooled into believing that they do not have to pay anything next year.
The women’s bill has cleared its first hurdle even though those who voted for it were originally against the bill.
Our income tax threshold has been increased by a lousy K3,000 to K10,000.
If the government really wants to
let the people to have more money in their pockets, then it should have raised the threshold to between K20,000 and K25,000, which is the norm in many countries.
And there are many more controversial decisions made by the current regime.
I doubt this government is really for the people.
The only good thing about this government is there are not so many Santa Claus compared to the previous one.
Just look at the recent Corruption Perception Index released by TI last week.
PNG is still in the bottom quarter and is the worse-ranked nation among the Pacific Island countries.
To all our good MPs, if you really are for change, you must bring change into your own home by practising what you preach.

Port Moresby