PNG student takes part in Philippines beauty contest

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 TWENTY-year-old Papua New Guinean beauty, Lorraine Angham (pictured), had all eyes set on her in the Mr and Ms Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) 2013 Cebu student chapter.

The only foreign candidate, Angham represented the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) in Cebu, Philippines, where she is taking up her second year of bachelor of science in civil engineering. 

Mr and Ms PICE is an interschool sportsfest pageant among civil engineering students in Cebu.

It is a yearly pageant which showcases not only the wit civil engineering students possess but  their beauty and talents.

Angham said she was nominated by the president of the student organisation and everyone voted for her and she ended up joining the pageant.

“We were the first foreign students they allowed to participate in the pageant,” Angham said, expressing her excitement.

Angham, who is not used to wearing makeup and high heel shoes, had to spare most of her time practising how to walk with heels on days before the pageant.

She said it was one of the things she had to learn and was thankful for.

“I made friends with other contestants, that was the best part of it,” Angham said.

Angham is thankful for the support and mentoring she received while preparing for the contest.