PNG to prepare for Copenhagen

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has expressed satisfaction after successful talks with various world leaders in New York last week during the high-level round table climate change talks, and the UN REDD (reduced emission from deforestation and degradation) conference.
“We still have a long way to go in making sure our REDD agenda is accepted in Copenhagen,” Sir Michael said in a statement released by his office yesterday
“The acting director general for the Office of Climate Change Dr Wari Iamo and his team will be working tirelessly over the next couple of weeks to ensure our readiness for December at Copenhagen,” he said.
“I call on all stakeholders and interested parties to get informed properly on what the Government is trying to achieve, which is ensuring a sustainable future for our forests and our people while meeting our global commitments.
“I was pleased with the support given to me by the Democratic Republic of Congo, which  has the second largest rainforest in the world,” Sir Michael said.
“The Minister for environment Endundo pledged his country’s cooperation to ensure REDD is accepted in Copenhagen.”
He said Australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, who also attended the UN REDD conference had reaffirmed his support for PNG REDD initiative.
Sir Michael said as a result of his meetings with the various leaders of rainforest nations, a   meeting pre-Copenhagen would take place to consolidate a common position for the December meeting.
“Small Island States have also agreed to rally behind PNG to take up their interest in adaptation and mitigation of climate change,” Sir Michael said.
He commended the South American country of Guyana on its leadership, commitment and readiness for Copenhagen.
Sir Michael also thanked Norway, for being the first to commit itself by its practical action to mitigate climate change.