PNG too has a dream


IN reference to a letter titled “What is our Dream?” by Egan Ulach, of Lae, in The National on Tuesday (Nov 8) – PNG’s dream is contained in the PNG Vision 2050.
The writer obviously is not aware of the PNG Vision 2050 and this is not his fault.
The national Government released this document some years ago and someone has not done his or her job to ensure this information reached the people.
The PNG dream in the PNG Vision 2050 is, “We will be smart, wise, fair, healthy and happy society by 2050”.
Every Papua New Guinean must know this vision by heart.
In the PNG Vision 2050 paragraph 2 under Strategic Planning, it state that “The Government will ensure that the public is fully informed about the implementation and progress of PNG Vision 2050”.
The national Government under the Minister for Provincial Affairs must now ensure that awareness of PNG Vision 2050 is tasked and undertaken by all DDA CEOs in the districts and ensures awareness is driven all the way to the village level.
This must be completed by Dec 31, 2019.

KP Eddy,
Waigani, NCD