PNG tourism industry hit by crime

National, Normal

THE tourism industry in Papua New Guinea is being affected by law and order problems, JK McCarthy museum assistant director  Ezics Owaka said.
During a meeting the museum held recently, participants called on the police, parliamentarians and leaders at all levels in the country to address the law and order problems if the industry was to flourish and attract tourists.
Mr Owaka urged people involved in the industry to undertake an integrated approach for the benefit of the industry.
He said tourism has the potential to develop because it was all about work, demonstrations, and exhibition of creativity, skills and innovation for the purpose of employment creation and income generation.
Mr Owaka said the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA), through the provincial coordination and implementation group, must actively and technically fund the work of tourism.
He called on the commerce section at the provincial and national level, through TPA, to assist in the extension and sustainability of the industry in the province.
He also called for a law and order committee comprising individuals involved in the industry to monitor and assess security matters.