PNG-US alumni forms association, ready to forge relationships

Youth & Careers

PNG-USA Alumni chairman Dr Simon Kenehe says his team is ready to take the association forward.
Kenehe and a committee were elected at the annual general meeting on Nov 16.
“We are a motivated team ready to inspire, empower and connect, just as our slogan says,” he said.
“We will expound on what our alumni stands for.
“We are keen to intensify efforts in collaborating professional relationships with the different awardees of the exchange programmes in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.
“We also stand to fight corruption and promote good governance in our country.”
The committee members are Eleina Butuna (vice chair), Joycelyn Mark (secretary), Otto Thomas (treasurer), Ginate Seaka, Dr Goru Hane-Nou, Theresa Pomat and Marianna Ellingson.
The women members echoed the association’s slogan “inspire, encourage and connect”.
They want to create chapters in the provinces. “These provincial chapters are central to connecting with the local communities, and contain advocated and emerging leaders,” they said. “Chapters promote person-to-person links and as awardees of various US government-sponsored exchange programmes. “We have a responsibility to give back to not just our sponsor but our country by inspiring, empowering and connecting our people with the knowledge, experience and talents we have acquired from our exchanges.”

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