PNG, US sign deal for security

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THE United States Ambassador to PNG Erin McKee says the US is committed to ensuring security in the Pacific and work with PNG to safeguard its borders, its people and future.
McKee spoke at an agreement signing in Port Moresby on Friday to foster the two nations’ security forces.
She signed on behalf of the US and Foreign Affairs Minister Soroi Eoe signed on behalf of PNG.
“Through this agreement, the US seeks to build a closer working relationship on security issues with PNG,” McKee said.
“We call it a ‘505 Agreement’ because Section 505 of the US Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 requires that the US enter into an agreement with the recipient government that includes certain provisions prior to the transfer of assistance-funded equipment.
“Simply put, the 505 Agreement ensures that any equipment or technology provided to PNG will not be transferred to a different nation or entity, and that PNG will guarantee security of the equipment, and agrees to monitor how the equipment is used.
“More importantly, what the agreement means is that we are prepared to spend money and to transfer equipment, technology and knowledge to PNG because we believe that a stronger, more capable PNG makes the entire Pacific region stronger and safer.
“In fact, the name of the 505 programme, in State Department and Defence Department circles, is ‘building partner capacity’.
The 505 is a foundation to building that individual relationship and strengthening the capacity of our partner nations.
“With increasing US engagement on regional security, as well as climate change, stopping human trafficking, and defeating the Covid19, this agreement takes our bilateral security relationship to the next level,” McKee said.