PNG wants ties with Arabs


PAPUA New Guinea wants to enhance its relationship with the United Arab Emirates and other Arabian Gulf states for investment purposes during the World Exposition in Dubai from Oct 1 to March 31, says an official.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade acting secretary Elias Wohengu said PNG’s participation would have maximum benefit.
“PNG’s relationship with the UAE and other Arabian Gulf states has been good,” he said.
“Their views on PNG and other Pacific states have been positive and we hope that the relation is enhanced through cooperation after the exposition.”
PNG will be among 191 countries to participate in the exposition which for the first time will be held in the Middle East.
Wohengu said PNG aimed to promote projects in the various sectors.
The major challenge is the lack of funding.
“No funding was allocated in the 2021 budget so we request the Government to reconsider its decision and allocate appropriate funding because of the kind of projects that are being proposed,” Wohengu said.
“I am confident that PNG can use the exposition to attract investors in and beyond the Arab world.”
The UAE will meet the cost of shipping, processing and clearing of a 40 cubic foot container for dry goods from PNG to Dubai and back.

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