PNG Water attributes low pressure to outages

Lae News, Normal

The National- Friday, February 4, 2011

 PNG Water says the daily power outages in Lae are affecting water pressure but the power company maintaining that electricity to Taraka, where the bore pumps are, has never been affected and water supply to the city should be normal. 

Residents at Boundary Road, Omili and Kamkumung experienced only trickles all day Wednesday and in also in the evening.

PNG Water staff in Lae said the problem was that pumps were not working due to the frequent power cuts. 

PNG Power, however said, they have always maintained power at Taraka and Unitech areas to keep the water pumps operational and were surprised that the water company was accusing them.

The power company’s acting centre manager in Lae, Ronnie Kopi, said he was not aware of the problem as PNG Water notified their office whenever a fault occurred.  

Kopi said his team leaders were not informed by PNG Water about the water problems.