PNGDF commander losing control

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 THE PNGDF is supposed to be the embodiment of our Constitution and all the makings of their existence are clearly spelt out in that golden book with 37 or so chapters. 

I feel so embarrassed and sad as a former officer, citizen and a parent to see the way soldiers carry on as though there is no code of military discipline or laws governing this country.

This boils down to one thing – failure of command and control at the highest level starting with the commander and his aides. 

Officers and commanders must take responsibility for the soldier’s actions and not simply label it as an isolated case.

Morale, training, fitness and conditions of employment are very poor. 

The executive government of the day must make some drastic changes for the better or we will continue to 

see a lot of drunken soldiers going around terrorising members of the public.

Time to wake up, commander.


Good Office, Via email