PNGDF finally pays water bill

National, Normal

WATER supply has been restored to 20 Defence Force houses in Tokarara after their service was disconnected for one month.
The disconnection was due to PNG Defence Force’s failure to settle their water bills.
According to Eda Ranu, a K1.2 million cheque was issued as part payment and hand delivered to Eda Ranu officials last Feb 13, with the understanding that more payments would follow.
Water supply was restored the same day the cheques were delivered.
The Defence Force still owes Eda Ranu a total of K4.082 million.
The issue of individual metering of institutional properties involved various risks, such as tenants not being permanent as they are being posted any time, retirements, retrenchment, and others, thus making it very difficult for follow-up and bill collection.
Eda Ranu policy therefore states that all institutional properties must be bulk metered.
The bill is the  responsibility of the title holder which, in this situation, was PNGDF.
The issue was raised by the defence personnel who reported their plight  to The National.
Eda Ranu reminded  business houses that those who failed to settle water bills on time,  would have their service disconnected.