PNGDF getting drones to boost aerial reconnaissance

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THE PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) reconnaissance capabilities will be enhanced with the use of tactical unmanned aerial systems or drones, Commander Maj-Gen Gilbert Toropo says.
The drones, called the DJI Phantom, will not only help in reconnaissance but also other operations and activities.
Through the Defence cooperation programme between the PNGDF and Australian Defence Force (ADF), a process is underway to acquire 28 new DJI Phantom drones.
Maj-Gen Toropo said after a special demonstration of the drones yesterday, the technology was significant to PNGDF, as part of the modernisation of the PNGDF’s capabilities. Maj-Gen Toropo said: “This will enhance the recon (reconnaissance) capacity of the PNG Defence Force.
“It will not only be utilised by the long reconnaissance range units but also other units along the border, maritime surveillance and also training purpose.”
Maj-Gen Toropo thanked the ADF for its continuous support and for the drones.
He said these were trying times for the country and PNGDF.
“We have plans to build our capability but we can’t do it alone and with our partnership, we have seen a lot of improvements,” Maj-Gen Toropo said.
“It will be one of the capabilities introduced into the PNG Defence Force now with your (Australian) support.”