PNGDF must protect PNG from threats within

Letters, Normal

PAPUA New Guinea is being held at ransom by the minorities from within and something has to be done.
In fact, all of the country’s infrastructures such as roads, schools, hospitals, buildings, stadiums, etc, are all under threat for land compensation, special spin-off benefits and others.
For instance, landowners of the only secondary school in the town where I currently work have demanded to the school board that special considerations be made for their children to attend classes.
The hospital where I am employed is having problems with landowner groups demanding employment or contracts to run the hospital’s support functions.
At one stage, the landowners wanted all top management and clinical positions be given to their people.
It was not only annoying but stupid as at that time we were desperately in need of a gynaecologist as the province has two local O&G specialists and both are in private practice.
Work on the Highlands Highway is continuously being delayed or disrupted as landowners build their homes and gardens less than a meter off the main road.
They also demand for compensation after every landslide or natural disaster.
I am sure all the State’s departmental heads, institutional and authority heads, at one time or another have undergone these problems.
Why is the Government letting this happen?
As I see it, the threat to our national security and development of this country is from within.
The PNGDF must step in to restore order.
How long or what will it take for the country to realise this pressing issue?
Can the NEC redirect the PNGDF to protect this country’s infrastructure from all threats?


Frustrated Papua New Guinean