PNGDF needs new leaders to move forward

Letters, Normal

THERE is no reform within the PNG Defence Force and Defence Department.
Nothing has been done to improve the capabilities of the PNGDF in the last six to eight years.
It is time to change the present PNGDF leaders and the department.
There is widespread corruption and gross maladministration within the organisation and it needs good, senior professional officers to take it down the right path. 
It is time to look outside the organisation to bring back the professionalism, maturity and commitment.
We need a new set of leaders to take the PNGDF to another level.
I call on the Government to recall some good former senior officers who have retired to lead the organisation.
These senior officers are highly trained and experienced in their particular field of military expertise and are competent officers.
The PNGDF and the Defence Department will not be resurrected if the Government continues to appoint corrupt or junior officers with no depth, experience or loyalty.


Utuk Apin
Port Moresby