PNGDF needs to participate in more exercises, says official

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PAPUA New Guinea (PNG)’s Defence Force (PNGDF) is very small and needs to participate in exercises and training to enhance efficiency, PNGDF Chief of Staff Capt Philip Polewara says.
“That is the only way for us to try to serve and meet the people’s demands (and expectations),” he said.
Polewara spoke at the closing of a 13-day Pacific Angel 19-4 medical and engineering exercise in Bowali Primary School, Morobe, Lae, on Saturday.
“By coming here to conduct such exercises is not just only for you to see the places and have a taste of the PNG culture,” he said.
“You are here supporting PNG’s future.”
Col Darryl Lingsley said the Pacific Angel exercise was completed in a short time with positive efforts from the US Pacific Air Force (USPAF), Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and Republic of Fiji Military Force (RFMF).
“The USPAF is honoured to be involved in such regional exercises that involved an Oceanic strategy,” he said.
“Pacific Angels represent the physical and tangible partnership that shows our commitment to establish a network of democracy within the region to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.
“Over the past few weeks, we have gained knowledge and experience in military and civilian medical professionals to provide general health, physical therapy, pharmaceutical and dental services.
“We also united to provide structural plumbing and electrical engineering improvements to several locations in Lae,” he added.

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