PNGDF recruitment a disgrace to country


THE Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) is an institution that holds the pride of this sovereign nation.
It is most young people’s dream to serve in the army.
However, the March recruitment was different from previous years.
There were there were a lot of flaws.
The criteria was clear with age limit at 25 years, grade 12 leavers only, height of 165cm or more and valid trade certificate of one year.
At first, they wanted 100 personnel – approximately 100 females, other 100 trades experts and the rest for general enlisting.
However, this did not eventuate.
The number changed overnight with different listings.
Were there qualified human resources personnel in the recruiting team?
The army is not a private business, it is a State entity.
This year’s recruitment had a lot of discrepancies.
Most of the recruits were soldiers’ relatives.
Most recruits were married with children.
Some were over 26 years, others were grade 8 and 10 dropouts while the rest were grade 12 leavers with poor marks.
Some recruits had criminal records.
Others did not meet the medical requirements.
Some did not pass the entry test.
Some recruits, especially soldiers’ children, were forced to go to the training depot by their fathers under the cover of darkness.
This may be a practice that has been going on for some time.
What a disgrace.
Can we be transparent for a change?
Only a few of the recruits met all the criteria.
This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are still some to be weeded out from the remaining 188.
It would be better if the PNGDF foregoes this year’s recruitment and start a new one.
Are the recruiting staff going to be investigated or disciplined for allowing these corrupt practices?
They deserve to be removed from the force like the 166.
They are rotten apples in an honourable uniform.
The medical officers should be investigated for their part in the scam.
It is one of the most controversial recruitment ever in PNGDF history.
It is a disgrace.

John John

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