PNGDF urged to take up new challenges

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The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

By GRACE AUKA UPNG journalism student
PNG Defence Force recruits, after a six-month training course, graduated yesterday at the Goldie Barracks training depot outside NCD.
The recruits’ parade was witnessed by PNGDF commander Brig-Gen Francis Agwi, senior officers, family members and friends.
Of the 149 that passed out, selected officer cadets would be sent to Australia and New Zealand for further training in areas such as engineering and maritime while the remaining batch would join the
first and second battalion.
Some of the recruits received awards in range shooting top scorer and best recruits in each of the five platoons while the champion for the best 2010 basic recruit course (BRC) trophy was awarded to platoon one. 
Congratulating the new recruits, Agwi urged them to take up new challenges from now
on as soldiers and the nature of the duties they would be required to undertake involved the ultimate sacrifice in which they must be prepared for.
“The training you received has initiated you into this new PNGDF tribe which is about setting standards, professionalism as soldiers, teamwork breaking down the barriers of being from that province that you represent,” he said.
Agwi added that the training was the foundation to their military career which serves to instill the discipline and military way of life.
He also urged all service personnel that PNGDF was going through a transitional period and would continue to recruit and enlist women to serve in the force.
“It is vital that we change our collective mindsets and attitudes to accept that we will no longer be a male-oriented organisation which is reflected by my new ADC is a woman, and we must keep up with the current global trends with regards to military affairs and make our mark on the regional and global arenas,” the commander said.
Agwi also thanked the bilateral partner, Australian Defence Force and its government for the field equipment for the successful outcome of course.
He said this year had been a challenging one with some of the key outstanding strategic issues including:
* Developing a new PNGDF War fighting doctrine;
* Re-introduction defence force educational courses programme;
* Addressing the aging work force;
* Investigating the possibility of recruiting skilled tradesmen and writing up training  manual and programmes;
* Preparing training package for peace keeping operations.